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Lady Gaga: NEW Instagram Photo 12/8/2016

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Lady Gaga přidala na svůj Instagram nový příspěvek, ve kterém fanoušky informuje, že natáčí seriál American Horror Story. Téma šesté řady seriálu stále nebylo prozrazeno a podle slov prezidenta kanálu FX ani nebude: "Mohu prozradit, že sezóna má jisté téma, ale neodhalíme ho, protože si myslíme, že takhle to bude pro diváky větší zábava." Šestá řada AHS startuje už 14. 9. 2016!
"Zpátky do práce! #ahsseason6 #ahs #acting není to hraběnka (The Countess), ale...kdo???😎"

Lady Gaga: NEW Instagram Photos 9/8/2016

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🌮s 🍷🍻🎂 Parties w/ friends @samantharonson @cjronson @amdrvda @kateomoennig @camgrey @aspiegelman @carlosncharge 📷 @liat2 @per_haps #HappyBirthday #ronson #cali
Happy Birthday to my Ronson girls!!!! 🍾🎂🍰🤗@samantharonson @cjronson #HappyBirthday

Lady Gaga: NEW Instagram Photos 26/7/2016

26. července 2016 v 16:32 | john
Watching the DNC with my sister. Turn on CNN ladies and gents Bernie Sanders is comin' up!
Love that my daddy hangs out with my crew. Or that I hang out with his... I'm not sure anymore!

Lady Gaga: NEW Instagram Photo 25/7/2016

25. července 2016 v 12:55 | john
So proud to be made one of the Godmother's of our little angel Sistilia. @briannewmanny and his Wife Angie have been my friends since we were kids on the lower east side. It was a beautiful baptism and Italian style feast. We love u sissy! ❤️

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19. července 2016 v 20:19 | john
Lady Gaga s opuštěnými dětmi z Casa Hogar v Cabo San Lucas v Mexiku.
🤘🏼what an awesome day with some truly awesome kids
Casa Hogar Cabo AC. These young men and growing boys were as bright and radiant as the sunshine in Mexico. A wonderful organization to give to.

Lady Gaga: NEW Instagram Photo 18/7/2016

18. července 2016 v 19:43 | john
Already miss the boys at Casa Hogar. Wore my shwag out on the town. mis amores. ❤️🤘🏽🍝⚽️🏀🎸

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3. července 2016 v 16:58 | john
Lady Gaga zachytila svoji radost z čerstvě získaného řidičského průkazu.
And after I passed my driving test. PRAISE HIM 🙏🏽 😂
Me at the DMV 🙈. SCHOOLS OUT 🤘🏽🚬

Lady Gaga: NEW Instagram Photos 3/7/2016

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Lady Gaga s hudebníkem BloodPop.
👽🤖 we come in✌🏽️

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Lady Gaga: NEW Instagram Photo 30/6/2016

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We must stay unified. Be kind not only to your friends, but also your enemies. We have to try to work together towards world peace.

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21. června 2016 v 11:39 | john
Another brilliant morning led by a member of our LGBT community, @Adamgoldstein982 He cheered us on to give something to ourselves today, that it would require pushing, bravery, + effort. When the music stopped and our sweat hit the floor he pointed at us all smiling and said "You made the right choice." I knew he was right. #lgbtpride #orlando #UnitedAsFriends ❤️

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15. června 2016 v 17:27 | john
I saw the fear and sadness in the faces of so many, but I felt comfort knowing there are millions all over the world who are not only part of the LGBT community, but are part of the straight community and so impassioned by this tragedy. You are not alone.
We can always count on one another's pain to remind us what strength is all about. #UnitedAsHumans #UnitedAsFriends

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15. června 2016 v 17:25 | john
I went into an exercise class this morning. The instructor Loui @louipacheco walked in and asked us with a boisterous tone "How is everyone doing today?!!" The room didn't cheer, there was barely a groan over a thick silence as we all stood there in our trauma. Then Loui shouts "Oh no! It's Tuesday.," with an emphatic hand movement, "Today is going to be a good day." As the music rose to the lyrics "when Im with you, I'm standing with an army" and we all climbed together, sweating out our stress and our thoughts, he yelled "today get stronger! and then stronger! And when your finished here go out there and spread that strength to the world." When the class was over I thanked him, he asked if he could say something to me. I started to instantly tear up. He said "I didn't want to bring it up" I said "of course you should, I'm so sorry." He then told me he was at the rally the night before, where I was also, and that he heard me read the names of some of the Orlando victims. He said "the first name you read was my friend Eddie." I said "Edward." He said "Sotomayor." In this moment I was reminded why it's so important that we protect all people and never doubt the absolute human heart that can always suprise you with its strength and love. Loui, a member of the LGBT community, who just lost his friend in the largest isolated shooting our country has ever seen, still showed up for work early in the morning to make ME feel strong. To empower me and all the other men and women in the class to keep going and get stronger so we could help each other. That's why you should never devalue another human, no matter their wrapping, their heart is just like yours and people you never expect to lift you up, will.

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🏎💨🍴🍾💋💋 get the shrimpcocktail @hinchtown 🍤🍸

Lady Gaga: NEW Instagram Photos 30/5/2016

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Next stop...🌎

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Lady Gaga přidala na Instagram fotku, na které je společně s americkým hercem Joel Berti.